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United Lawnscape offers comprehensive commercial landscape services including:

  • Project Site Budgeting – Before we begin any commercial landscape design, we work with your management team to determine a budget. We then decipher needs and wants, to develop a realistic budget for your landscape/hardscape design.
  • Tree and Shrub Removal – For commercial properties with an excess of trees, shrubs or plants, we determine which are salvageable and what should be removed. Or entire sweeps of landscape removal can be performed.
  • Brick Paving – Walkways, garden areas, patios, parking lots and other spaces are enhanced by brick paving. Our team can design and install eye-pleasing paving around your property.
  • Boulder and Block Retaining Walls – For water or other debris that may enter your property, we can construct and install boulder or block retaining walls. Various heights and widths are determined by your property’s specific requirements.
  • Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance – Our irrigation designs keep the environment and water safe use regulations in mind. Systems we work with include drip, sprinkler, center pivot and lateral move, and sub-irrigation.
  • Sod Installation – We utilize sod that works well in the Michigan climate including Kentucky bluegrass, fine-leafed fescue and perennial ryegrass.
  • Rough and Finish Grading – The first step in turf establishment is rough grading, which sets the proper grade and drainage. Finish grading is the foundational manicure for every fine lawn and provide the final shaping, preparing the seed bed or sod base for completion.
  • Hydroseeding – This process is where seed meets fertilizer. Additives such as lime, biostimulants, moisture retention polymers, and tackifiers are combined with a hydroseeding mulch to establish vegetation and to control erosion.
  • Landscape Lighting & Paver Lighting – The realm of lighting products available are vast. From bright lighting for high-traffic walkways and parking lots to subdued illumination, our landscape and paver lighting is determined in your initial landscape design.
  • Water Gardens & Waterfalls – Water elements in and around commercial properties can be used for entrances, quiet spaces, and enhancements. Water is recycled for optimal energy performance.
  • Wetland Mitigation – Our guide is the Michigan Wetlands Protection Act, with the goal of replacing as fully as possible the functions and public benefits of lost wetlands.



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Lawnmower Safety

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Thinking “green” isn’t just a trend in modern design, it will be the standard by which we all live. Whether you’re a commercial developer, business owner, property management specialist or a homeowner, you will be challenged at some point to consider sustainable design.

Sustainable landscape practices are at the forefront in all of our landscape designs. We believe utilizing native plantings in commercial installations provides opportunities for habitat creation, water-use reduction, and the attraction of a variety of birds, butterflies, and other animals.

Sustainable design considers numerous strategies including plant selection and placement around buildings, sourcing local materials, implementing pervious paving options, and xeriscaping. Utilizing drought-tolerant plants will lower the cost of water and irrigation costs. Effective tree placement protects buildings from high winds, cool temperatures, and increased heating costs. Green roof design and installation, wetland mitigation, bioswales and rain gardens, meadow lawns, and low-mow, low-grow lawns are all elements of our landscape sustainability.

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