Now that you have done your due diligence and cleaned up you foliage, planted your bulbs, drained your hoses, cleaned and oiled your tools and put your garden to sleep under a blanket of winter mulch to keep it snug awaiting the white blanket of snow, have a cup of tea and plan the festive decor for the holidays.

  • Your pine trees and holly make beautiful roping and wreaths. Then just add lights and bows.
  • Empty pots urns and containers can also be filled with leftover greenery, bows, pinecones and ornaments and adorned with twinkle lights.
  • Swags can be made for doors and gates by wiring stems of greenery together and adding ribbon bows, pine cones or ornaments. You might want a glue gun and glue for this.
  • Mixing several different lengths of greenery and using different foliage together adds visual interest; for instance pine, fir and juniper.
  • Choosing ornaments, ribbon and lights that coordinate and match your style and personality will reflect who you are and who doesn’t love that?
  • For gathering, you might want to line your driveway or porch with luminaries. These can be made of paper lunch bags. You simply roll down the tops of the lunch bags as you would roll up sleeves, put a few inches of sand in the bottom and put an LED votive candle on top of the sand.
  • Enjoy!